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South East Shimmy Bellydance is very excited to bring you Mahin from Daily Bellydance Quickies here in Winnipeg this April 27th 2014. 

"An experienced and professional belly dance instructor and performer, Mahin is known worldwide as the author of the internationally acclaimed “Daily Bellydance Quickies.” A captivating performer, her deep love of Arabic music shows through her dance which is rich with musicality and classical technique. She is widely regarded as an exceptional zill (finger cymbal) player with a very lyrical and creative style.

Mahin’s motto is “In the ears, out the hips” and she believes this is the soul of Arabic dance. The dancer is the channel through which the beauty of the music is made visible. Mahin’s life-long passion for belly dance and the folkloric styles of the Middle East is the source that fuels her exquisite performances and drives her genuine and engaging teaching style."

SHOW 2014:
April.27th, Sunday at 5:30PM
Tickets $15 ea. 

For more info, Contact:
Jessica Thurston
[email protected]

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